Unit 1012 Cover Photo

Unit 1012 Cover Photo

Saturday, August 23, 2014



Charles Fain
QUOTE 1: Surprisingly, Fain said in a phone interview that he does support the death penalty, despite serving 18 years in a 7' x 12' cell.

"If they're guilty, yeah. I'm a Christian and I believe in the Bible. Fred disagrees and that's ok. I love him anyway," Fain said. [November 17, 2011]

Charles Fain
QUOTE 2: Fain said he knows Paul Ezra Rhoades well, and he supports the execution plans.

"I wish I could say he was innocent. I can't. He knows the Lord. I'm fully confident he's going out of this world and into a better one," Fain said.

Fain is living in Idaho and recently married a woman he met at his church.

AUTHOR: Charles Fain spent 18 years on Death Row in Idaho - exonerated by DNA evidence. Convicted in 1983 of raping and murdering a 9 year-old girl based on the testimony on a "jailhouse" snitch who claimed Charles Fain confessed, and the testimony of an FBI lab technician that based on microscopic analysis, three hairs found on the victim likely came from Fain. The jury rejected Fain's alibi defense that at the time of the crime was committed in Nampa, Idaho, he was living with his parents more than 300 miles away in Redmond, Oregon. Fain was sentenced to death and his conviction was upheld on appeal. In 2001 DNA analysis of the three hairs determined Fain wasn't the source and he was released after 18 years on death row. 

            We, the comrades of Unit 1012: The VFFDP praised and thank the Lord that Charles Fain was not wrongfully executed, we hope the Justice System in Idaho can learn from the case, in order to prevent another wrongful conviction. I thank God that Charles Fain became a Christian and he did not join the Abolitionists in campaigning against the death penalty. He is like the Russian inmate, Aleksandr Biryukov, who still supports capital punishment because they both still cling to their belief that the guilty must pay with their lives.

            If we were in the shoes of those two inmates, I will tell the justice system this, “Although we were wrongfully convicted, we are alive and we want to explain what went wrong with the trial or investigation and you can learn not to do it to others. We do not agree with abolishing the death penalty, as we feel strongly for the victims’ families and we also want to protect my country.”

            We will not behave like Kirk Bloodsworth, who is being made used by the Abolitionists to protect other guilty murderers.

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