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Unit 1012 Cover Photo

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The EU and Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani

I am strongly against the way the Iranian government abuses human rights in incidents like their mistreatment of women but I have to admit that when they are harsh on crime, they are actually protecting their own people from criminals. They have more guts and courage than the European Union, who protest against capital punishment in the guise that innocent people might get executed but they have a land that is fit for criminals.

I do not know if Sakineh is innocent or guilty of her crime of murder and adultery but we got to bare in mind that each country has its own way of dealing with law and order. The point is not whether she is guilty or innocent, the problem is that the EU wants to make people believe that everyone on death row in the world are innocent when that is absolutely absurd. The European Court of Human Rights favors guilty criminals and wants to show the world how ‘merciful’ they are.

When I saw them having a European Parliament to condemn the stoning of Sakineh, it made me felt so sick. They can put so much effort into condemning what other governments are doing, claiming that they are the real democratic and human rights leaders of the world. I wondered why they did not put a single effort into condemning the crimes of their own criminals and not punishing them severely. To add insult to injury, they did not have a great parliamentary discussion to condemn the murders of innocent good citizens in their own continent and even decriminalize abortion (when it does nothing but kill the innocent).

They used Sakineh as a ‘poster girl’ to proof that execution is barbaric. For those of us who support capital punishment, we can use the heaps of murdered victims and their families as our propaganda that execution is moral and just for those who dare to deliberately take a life. I did not see them condemning the murders of Dutch Film director, Theo Van Gogh, the Soham girls, Sally Anne Bowman and Gary Newlove and many others that will take me a book to write them down.

There is an idiom that says, “Pot calling the kettle black.” The Iranian newspapers insulted Carla Bruni Sarkozy by writing, "Studying Carla Bruni's record clearly shows the reason why this immoral woman is backing an Iranian woman who has been condemned to death for committing adultery and being an accomplice in her husband's murder and, in fact, she herself deserves to die." Although they are too crude in their language, I have to admit that they are indirectly correct. Carla Bruni is an adulteress herself and she wants to show the world what a ‘heroine’ she is for saving an accused adulteress and murderer.

On Tuesday 7 September 2010, foreign ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said foreign countries should not make Ashtiani's case a human rights issue. He said if releasing "murderers" is a human rights issue, then those nations that have criticized Iran should release all of their murderers from jail. He said, “Some western countries try to protect those who have committed grave crimes or serious murders to create a political problem and try to discredit our legal system.”

I strongly agree with him because the EU is equivalent to someone who cannot swim and dive into the sea to save another person who is drowning. They cannot even protect their own good citizens from criminals but only have the balls to lecture the Iranian government, when they do not even know whether Sakineh is truly innocent or not. Even if she is innocent of her crime, the EU has more important things like punishing their own criminals rather than interfering with other judicial system. They are wearing a mask to pretend that they care for human life when the only human beings they care for are criminals. The case of Sakineh is only a EU propaganda to protect criminal rights.