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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Central Florida Pastor Burns Obama & Clinton Effigies (January 19, 2013)


Terry Jones, on Why He Hanged Obama in Effigy: Exclusive Interview
June 8, 2012
Gainesville pastor Terry Jones says his church has been contacted twice by the Secret Service in response to the display at the Dove World Outreach Center that features an effigy of President Barack Obama hanging from a noose. (The photograph sent to us shows an Uncle Sam dummy hung up; one from the Smoking Gun shows Obama in the noose.)

The Pulp spoke with him this afternoon about the display and about his declarations that he is running as a write-in candidate for president. Jones said the display was not meant to have any racial symbolism and was only "a symbolic action saying we do not, of course, want him reelected. It is death -- of course, not to him. To his political career."

The pastor who gained international acclaim for burning copies of the Koran has made headlines again involving fire. But this time he burned an effigy of President Barack Obama during the weekend preceding the inauguration.

As part of "National Burn Effigies/Images of Obama Day," Pastor Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center and his congregation burned a hanging representation of the president on Jan. 19 to protest Obama's second inauguration. The act was done as a protest, the pastor explained in a press release.

"He lied his way back into the White House, but he does not get a free pass just because he is black,"
Jones wrote. "We protest in disgust, in civil disobedience, in anger, in hope, in prayer, that the United States of America will wake up. I did not vote for him, he must be impeached, removed, because he is a liar, a deceiver, a murderer and he is anti-American, anti-Christ."

Jones goes onto say that Obama is destroying the moral and financial fiber of the country, adding that his promotion of "the gay-lesbian agenda" and abortion, among other things, are destroying the country.

Also burned in effigy was an image of former President Bill Clinton, who's crime, Jones said, was endorsing Obama's 2012 candidacy.

"The results of the election were either a fraud or a continuing example of how the American people have been duped," Jones said "Obama has continued to lie and deceive the American people, to break countless promises, running our country into a debt from which we can only with great difficulty recover."

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