Unit 1012 Cover Photo

Unit 1012 Cover Photo

Monday, August 8, 2016


            Let us not forget Zoe Buttigieg, every year on 8 August and 25 October. We made her one of The 82 murdered children of Unit 1012 where we will not forget her. Let us remember how she lived on this earth.

The 11-year-old schoolgirl has been remembered as a 'beautiful young lady' with a 'cheeky smile'
Zoe Buttigieg
(8 August 2004 to 25 October 2015)

Zoe's godmother, Jenny Zahra, spoke of an 11-year-old girl who was beginning to take an interest in fashion, and had a passion for cooking. Pancakes were her favourite dish.

She was an athletic child, who excelled at running, discus, and netball. She loved dogs, particularly her black Staffordshire Terrier, Jax.

"Zozo was carefree and innocent. A happy child who always had a smile on her face," Ms Zahra said.

She said Zoe loved music, and would sing and dance in front of her bedroom mirror, wearing headphones.

"Her dream was eventually to star on X Factor."

Two staff members from Yarrunga Primary School, where Zoe was a well-liked and dedicated Grade Four student, read tributes that had been compiled by her classmates.

"If you didn't know her like we did, you missed out on knowing an amazing girl," one child wrote.

"She ran very fast. Her nickname was 'Cheetah,'" said another.

She was remembered as a practical joker with a perfect attendance record, who was nervous when asked to stand up and read in class, but was growing in confidence.

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