Unit 1012 Cover Photo

Unit 1012 Cover Photo

Monday, August 8, 2016


             We, the comrades of Unit 1012: The VFFDP, will write this open letter as Christians and as murdered victims’ families. 

            Ten years ago on this date, August 8, 2006, Darrell Wayne "Gator" Ferguson (January 30, 1978 – August 8, 2006) was a convicted murderer executed by the state of Ohio. At the age of 28, he was the youngest inmate put to death in Ohio since 1962. He spent 2 years and 10 months on death row and had waived all appeals after his 2003 conviction for three counts of aggravated murder. 

Darrell Wayne Ferguson

Summary: Following his conviction for Burglary, Ferguson served time in a drug treatment program and received a 2-day pass on December 21, 2001. His murder spree began four days later on Christmas Day in Dayton when he attacked and killed a disabled relative, 61 year old Thomas King, with a kitchen knife. Ferguson stole two televisions and a radio that he sold to buy crack cocaine. The next day, Ferguson broke into the home of an elderly couple who were his former neighbors, attacked them with a kitchen knife, then beat and stomped them to death. Ferguson waived his right to a jury, pled guilty to all charges, and waived his right to presentation of any mitigating evidence. A court-appointed clinical psychologist then conducted an evaluation of the defendant and deemed him competent to stand trial. 

Final Words:
"Mom, Dad, I love you both. I love you a lot. I wish you all the best." Ferguson, who previously said he worshipped Satan, made a sign that some consider to be a symbol of the devil as he died. While he was on the lethal-injection table — with his left arm extended palm up — he extended his index and little fingers to make the sign and held that pose for several minutes before lapsing into unconsciousness. 

            To all those Christians against the death penalty, if you read what Gator did, you can tell that he committed premeditated murder in full knowledge of what he was doing. You do well to know that he was a Satanist, who worshipped the devil and was unrepentant till the end. Please read II Chronicles 19:2 from the bible:

            If you want to save this man from execution, you should have convert to Satanism and try to save him. We have a strong feeling you will not do that, just as the vast majority of people DO NOT SHED TEARS for Nazi War Criminals, we notice that nobody (other than his family members) shed tears for him. 

"Goodnight. I hope he stays in hell forever."

- Chris Purdue is the family friend of one of the victims of Darrell Wayne Ferguson’s victims.

            Chris Purdue was most probably right when he believed that Gator was most probably burning in hell. Gator was not mentally ill at all, he was demon-possessed and he was most probably dying to go to hell to be with the devil. He showed no remorse and requested for a suicide assist. Good radiance that he was gone to end his reign of terror. We bet no abolitionists can even rehabilitate him. He was an ungodly person who was a devil worshiper and even God demanded he be put to death by the State.

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