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Saturday, January 23, 2016


Photographs of Tyshawn Lee are on display at his visitation at Haven of Rest church in the South Chicago neighborhood Nov. 9, 2015.

9-yr-old killed in gang shooting; but what’s most HORRIFIC is father’s reaction

It’s hard to imagine violence on the streets of Chicago could get any worse, but it may have just hit an all time low even for that city. We’ve commented on the dire situation here several times, most recently after Chicago had its deadliest month.

And it’s almost impossible to read through the news on Monday without hearing that Chicago street violence has hit another all time high. But now MSN reports that the lowest of the low in society –gang members — have actually set a new record by killing a 9-year-old boy in a gang-related hit:

Nine-year-old Tyshawn Lee was targeted because of his father’s gang ties, lured into a South Side alley Monday afternoon and executed, Chicago police officials said Thursday.

Speaking at the edge of the alley where Tyshawn was shot multiple times, Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy called the slaying “probably the most abhorrent, cowardly, unfathomable crime” he had seen in his 35 years in law enforcement.

McCarthy said police believe Tyshawn was killed because of his father’s gang ties and a recent series of shootings between rival gangs.

Tyshawn, a fourth-grader at Joplin Elementary School who loved to play basketball, was walking to his grandmother’s house Monday afternoon when police said he was lured to the alley in the 8000 block of South Damen Avenue and shot repeatedly.

A basketball he always carried with him was found nearby.

McCarthy told reporters that Stokes might know who killed his son but that he has refused to cooperate with police. When investigators approached him, Stokes responded with words that “you can’t say … on TV,” McCarthy said.

Earlier Thursday, Stokes showed up at the Leighton Criminal Court Building for a status hearing on a felony gun charge he faces. His attorney didn’t appear, so the judge gave him a continuance after Stokes mentioned “my son was killed.”

According to court records, Stokes pleaded guilty to armed robbery in mid-2011 and was sentenced to six years in state prison.”

This may be one of the most tragic stories of inner city violence and the breakdown of the black family we’ve ever seen. Here is an innocent child gunned down potentially for his father’s crimes – and the father won’t even help track down the child’s killer.

It’s obvious to everyone in the nation that the mayor of Chicago, the Chicago Police Department, and Cook County officials are incapable of defending the citizens of Chicago. It’s time to call in the National Guard. Chicago is a war zone.

[Note: This article was written by former law enforcement officer, Ashley Edwardson] 

Tyshawn Lee
(January 23, 2006 to November 2, 2015)

Arrest in execution-style killing of Chicago boy, 9
Published November 27, 2015

Chicago police announced Friday the arrest of a known gang member in the "heinous" execution-style murder of a 9-year-old boy, a crime that shocked a city familiar with senseless violence.

Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said Tyshawn Lee was lured into a south side alley and killed earlier this month to get back at his father, a member of a rival gang.

“Tyshawn Lee was failed on many levels but at the end of the day our detectives were unrelenting in the pursuit of justice,” McCarthy said at a news conference.

Corey Morgan, 27, was arrested on a first degree murder charge, he told reporters.

McCarthy said Morgan is a “documented” gang member, and a convicted felon with a history of violence.

Police said Tyshawn was killed by Morgan and two gang cohorts.

Chicago cops say an arrest has been made in killing of Tyshawn Lee, 9.

They said they are also looking for Kevin Edwards and the other, who was not identified, was in custody on an unrelated charge.

“Who pulled the trigger is being worked on,” McCarthy said.

He said detectives were able to crack the case in part with help from the community, but not Tyshawn's father, Pierre Stokes.

“Not at all. Not at all," the top cop said when asked about Stoke's helpfulness.

Police said the three suspects spoke to Tyshawn in a park and then walked him off into the alley.

“It’s truly an act of barbarism,” said Chief of Detectives Dean Andrews. “It’s a 9-year-old who was targeted and executed."

The gang Morgan the other two suspects belonged to was not identified.

"That gang just signed its own death warrant," McCarthy said.

Morgan was “a person of interest” in the case days after the killing, Fox 32 reported.

On Nov. 17 he was charged with an unrelated crime, possession of a firearm by a felon.
Morgan was ordered held on $1 million bond, but then released when he was able to post $100,000 in cash.

The station reported that Tyshawn was shot in the right temple and the bullet went through his left temple, according to a Nov. 3 autopsy report reviewed by the Chicago Sun Times.

How three gangsters 'lured nine-year-old boy from playground and executed him in an alleyway in revenge for another attack'

·         Tyshawn Lee, nine, was murdered by three gang members on November 9
·         He was on playground swings in Chicago when the men approached him
·         They lured him down an alley near his grandmother's home 
·         Tyshawn was shot in the temple and tried to block the bullets with his hands, partially severing his thumb, an autopsy found
·         Corey Morgan, 27, was charged with first degree murder on Friday 
·         He and two other men had been looking for targets after Morgan's brother was killed by a rival gang 
·         Tyshawn's father is allegedly part of that gang, investigators claim
·         Police are holding another man on a gun charge and are looking for a third suspect - Kevin Edwards
·         Gang responsible for the murder will 'be obliterated', police vowed


Three gangsters allegedly lured Tyshawn Lee to his death after spotting the nine-year-old boy in a playground following weeks of searching for a victim to exact revenge on for another gang-related attack.

Investigators claim Corey Morgan, 27, and two other men went out armed every day looking for potential targets after a shooting by a rival gang in October killed his brother and injured his mother. 

Morgan - who was charged with first-degree murder on Friday - said he 'was going to kill grandmas, mamas, kids and all', according to court documents. 

One of the three men approached Tyshawn - possibly because of his father's alleged gang affiliation - after seeing him put his basketball down as he climbed onto swings in a playground, prosecutors said.

The man led Tyshawn down a nearby alley while two other men followed in an SUV, investigators allege.

The nine year old was shot three times at close range, including once in the head and once in the back. 

The third bullet severed the top of the boy's right thumb, suggesting he tried to block the gunshots, his autopsy found.

Tyshawn Lee, 9, was executed by Chicago gang members and police have charged one gang member so far and looking for one member who is at large. Another gang member is in custody on unrelated charges, so there are three suspects in all.
Morgan was questioned earlier this month and was re-arrested and charged with murder on Friday. His attorney Jonathan Brayman said Morgan 'absolutely denies' being involved in the fourth-grader's death.

Of the two other men, one is in custody on a gun charge and remains unidentified.
Meanwhile police are looking for Kevin Edwards, who investigators believe was involved with the shooting.

Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said the three men's precise roles were still under investigation, but that they were all members of the same gang.

'They're going to be obliterated. That gang just signed its own death warrant,' McCarthy said on Friday. 'We’re going to go and destroy that gang.'

McCarthy also praised locals who had overcome fears of retaliation from gangs to tip off the police.

He said: 'If you have a monster who's willing to assassinate a nine-year-old, what is that person likely to do if they know that somebody's cooperating with the case?'

Speaking of Edwards, who is believed to still be in Chicago, McCarthy added: 'Quite frankly, in a heinous crime like this, he's probably better off if we catch him than somebody else.' 

Authorities said Morgan was a convicted felon with an extensive violent criminal history. He has a prior conviction for aggravated unlawful use of weapon and was sentenced to two years of probation. In a pending case, he was charged with unlawful use of a weapon by a felon.

Detectives have not recovered the murder weapon, but they believe only one person fired because all the spent bullet casings were from a single gun, McCarthy said. 

An autopsy report that was released last week showed  fourth-grader was struck in the temple, likely from a close range, and his right thumb was partially severed

Bullets also grazed the child's back, right forearm and right hand. In all, seven shell casings were found at the scene.

Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy called the shooting 'probably the most abhorrent, cowardly, unfathomable crime that I've witnessed in 35 years of policing.'  

Tyshawn's death came after a series of gang-related shootings in the neighborhood, one of which claimed the life of Morgan's brother, 25-year-old Tracy Morgan.

Investigators said Tyshawn was lured into the alley near his grandmother's house and killed execution-style in retaliation against his father, 25-year-old Pierre Stokes.  

Tracy Morgan and Stokes were in rival street gangs, the Black P Stones and the Gangster Disciples, according to police. Stokes father has denied this, as well as doing anything to provoke Tyshawn's murder.

Tracy Morgan, a member of the Terror Dome faction of the Black P Stones, was killed on October 13 after leaving a meeting hosted by police to discourage gang members from committing acts of violence.

Morgan's mother, who was in the car with him at the time, was wounded in the shooting. 

Five days after Tyshawn's death, a member of the rival Killa Ward faction of the Gangster Disciples was wounded in a shooting that also left 19-year-old Brianna Jenkins dead, according to police. Corey Morgan's rap sheet includes a previous conviction for aggravated unlawful use of a weapon.

Dwight Boone-Doty, 21, was arrested alongside Morgan. Both were allegedly carrying guns at the time. 

Boone-Doty had been out on parole since August in connection to an unrelated drug and weapons case. Both men have young children and work construction jobs. 

Ballistics experts will be testing the two handguns seized from Morgan and Boone-Doty to see they are tied to any crimes, reported ABC 7 Chicago.   

Tyshawn Lee
(January 23, 2006 to November 2, 2015)

Mother of Tyshawn Lee Has Message for Suspect in Son's Killing: 'Turn Yourself In'
In court Wednesday, Morgan was surrounded by heavy security, including sheriff’s police in SWAT gear

For Karla Lee, keeping tabs on her son’s accused murderer is a grim task.

“I’m looking at the man who killed my son, so it just brings chills to me,” she said.

·         Man Charged With Murder in 'Assassination' of Tyshawn Lee

Lee is the mother of Tyshawn Lee, a 9-year-old boy who police say was lured from a Chicago park and “assassinated” as part of a raging gang war on the city’s South Side.

Police have charged 27-year-old Corey Morgan with murder in the young boy’s execution-style shooting and believe two other suspects were also involved.

·         Emanuel: 'We Are Better as a City Than What We Have Seen'

A second suspect is in custody on an unrelated gun charge and police are searching for a third suspect, who they identified as Kevin Edwards.

Morgan has repeatedly denied having any involvement in Tyshawn’s murder, but each time he appears in court, Lee says she is there.

·         Bobby Rush Says Former Gang Leaders 'Upset'

In court Wednesday, Morgan was surrounded by heavy security, including sheriff’s police in SWAT gear.

He said nothing as Judge James Brown assigned him a new court date in a hearing that lasted roughly 45 seconds.

·         Person Questioned in Tyshawn Lee Investigation: Sources

“Nothing is going to change,” she said. “I’m still hurt. I’m still crying. I’m still grieving. So, nothing will change. I don’t think it ever will. Just to know they won’t be outside to do this to anyone else, that makes me a littler happier.

Lee also appealed to Edwards outside the court building Wednesday, asking him to turn himself in to police.

“Kevin Edwards you need to turn yourself in,” she said. “You just need to do the right thing and turn yourself in.”

Dawn Valenti, a crisis responder who assists families in the aftermath of a homicide, said there is still a $56,000 reward for the arrest of the people responsible for Tyshawn’s murder.
Morgan is due back in court on Dec. 28.
Published at 6:21 PM CST on Dec 16, 2015 | Updated at 6:42 PM CST on Dec 16, 2015


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