Unit 1012 Cover Photo

Unit 1012 Cover Photo

Thursday, January 21, 2016


            Let us not forget 3 month old Brandon Duane Baugh, every year on October 16 and January 20. He was murdered by Cathy Henderson. Justice was served when she passed away on August 3, 2015. We made him one of The 82 murdered children of Unit 1012 and Janusz Korczak’s 190+ children where we will not forget him.

Baby Brandon Baugh
(October 16, 1993 to January 21, 1994)
Here is a poem written for Brandon

Lord, Help Us

Lord, help us with the tragic loss of our child,
the grief too much to bear
It’s impossible for us to hear comforting words
from all the friends who care

We can’t realize this right now,
but the days, they will pass
God will help ease our pain,
but memories of our baby will last and last...

As our plentiful tears continue to flow,
we ask our dear Lord, “Why?”
He wishes He could take away all evil...
Because it also makes Him cry.

The emptiness won’t leave our hearts,
visions of his miles and laughter remain
But when we believe in our Great God,
we know we’ll see our Brandon again.

The sun rises and sets upon Megan,
and whatever tomorrow brings....
Our baby is safe with God,
and our angel has his wings.

Facts of the case: Baby Brandon's head was shattered. When a child is born, their skulls are still soft. It's a trait that aids in the childbirth and there is a soft spot on the skull that eventually closes over. Because the bone has a rubbery texture to it, it's almost impossible to crack. The cracks in his skull were so extensive that they almost encircles the skull and there was about a 2 inch circular piece at the back that had been pushed in with radiating lines to about a 4 inch diameter and the bone in between the inner and outer circle had been fragmented. The coroner stated that the amount of force to cause that much damage would be the equivalent of being hit with a baseball bat. The only thing he could theorize that could cause that much damage is that she grabbed him by the ankles, swung him like a hammer and slammed his head into a hard object like a concrete floor....repeatedly.

Cathy's daughter Melissa testified AGAINST her mother. Cathy was abusive to her and after they divorced, Melissa had her parental rights terminated. Cathy was so furious at her daughter that she swore that one day when Melissa had a child she would come and take it from her so she would know the pain of losing a child. It was her own child's testimony and fear that the jury heard when they decided that she would be a continuing threat to society. They coupled that in with one of Cathy's in-laws testifying that she had come to his house drunk one evening and attacked him with a knife. (it's in the court transcripts if you want to look it up)

About Brandon Baugh: The body of 3-month old Brandon Baugh was found in a box buried in a shallow grave outside Temple, Texas on Feb. 8, 1994. He had died days earlier on January 21. An autopsy revealed he died from head injuries that, according to the medical examiner, were not consistent with a fall from the babysitter's arms as Cathy Henderson had claimed. Brandon's parents Mom Melissa, Dad Eryn, and the rest of their family had to wait 21 years for Justice for Brandon, when she finally admitted to the crime of murder. Henderson died two weeks later of natural causes. None of Brandon's family grieve for the loss of the murderer. We are now at peace with the chains of the murderer taken from our lives to set us free at last.

Baby Brandon Baugh
(October 16, 1993 to January 21, 1994)

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