Unit 1012 Cover Photo

Unit 1012 Cover Photo

Monday, January 12, 2015


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Deny Final Appeal Of Christopher Payne

Please uphold the death sentence of Christopher Matthew Payne for the murder of two people - His own children in Tucson Arizona in 2006, and hold him accountable for his horrific crimes which were that of kidnapping, starvation, torture, abuse and concealment of a corpse, and cold blooded murder.

Uphold the death sentence of a monster who premeditated a murder designed to  punish a mother brave enough to leave this violent & sadistic man. A man that bargained over his son's body for a third sandwich, a son we still have yet to recover. Jamie Hallam's son. A man that blames his own children for their death's ! uphold the death sentence for someone who clearly defined his life not based upon a respect for life, but rather a contempt for the lives of others. The lives of his own children Ariana & Tyler Payne.

In short, uphold the death sentence of a monster who does not deserve the compassion shown by society, for he has shown that he holds compassion itself in utter contempt. And showed no compassion for the two innocent babies he murdered. A son that he still refuses to divulge where his remains are. I ask on behalf of the citizens of Tucson, Jamie Hallam, ( Mommy of Ariana & Tyler) Tyler Payne, Ariana Payne, Miranda Yonts, and the family to uphold the sentence the court handed down.

Thank You.

Please go to this site to sign the petition.

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