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Unit 1012 Cover Photo

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


            To remember and honor the two daughters and the mother of the Petit Family, who were killed on July 23, 2007. We, the comrades of Unit 1012, will write a rebuttal essay to David R. Dow: ‘Conn. Ends Death Penalty, But Not For 11 Men On Death Row’.  

But the consequence of ignoring him is that abolitionists seem indifferent to his pain. Dr. Petit said, “One thing you never hear the abolitionists talk about is the victims, almost never. The forgotten people. The people who died and can’t be here to speak for themselves.”

That’s not completely true: There are abolitionists who do talk about the victims, and abolitionists whose own lives have been shredded by murder. And yet those who oppose the death penalty should listen closely to what he says.

REBUTTAL: Dr. Petit is absolutely right. Abolitionists who are with the ACLU Demons DO NOT and NEVER want to talk about victims. They are the best friends of the murderers and all evildoers.

The late Charley Reese would have said:

“When I think of all the sweet, innocent people who suffer extreme pain and who die every day in this country, then the outpouring of sympathy for cold-blooded killers enrages me. Where is your (expletive deleted) sympathy for the good, the kind and the innocent? This fixation on murderers is a sickness, a putrefaction of the soul. It's the equivalent of someone spending all day mooning and cooing over a handful of human feces. Sick and abnormal.” (Syndicated columnist Charley Reese made an interesting analogy while criticizing the way abolitionists typically behave)

For abolition to work around the country, abolitionists must stop turning away from Dr. Petit’s critique and instead engage with him. They must say: I despise what the murderer has done has much as you do. I have not forgotten the victims. I remember their names: Jennifer, Hayley, Michaela. I cannot begin to fathom their pain, or yours. But we betray ourselves and imitate the mob when we tolerate constitutional violations because we are certain of the bad guy’s guilt. You might be right that certain people deserve not to live, but I believe it is up to God, not the government, to decide who those people are.

REBUTTAL: Whenever the ACLU Demons, claim they care for victims and their families, they lie. In their heart, they are saying, “I do not care AT ALL. I love murderers and hate victims but I say I care so I do not look bad at all.”

When David Dow said, “I believe it is up to God, not the government, to decide who those people are.”

The only God that he is referring to is the murderers. The murderers whom he defend so much on Death Row to be kept alive are his ‘Gods’.

If it is wrong to execute someone next year, it’s wrong to execute someone tomorrow.

REBUTTAL: If is wrong to execute killers, means that it is right to keep them alive (in the ACLU Demons’ thinking). If it is right to keep them alive, it is right to bring all those murderers to the houses of where the ACLU Demons to live and see how long it will take for them to change their mind.

            We, the comrades of Unit 1012, are the good people who truly care for the victims and their grieving families. That is why we remember the Petit Family every year on July 23.   


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