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Tuesday, July 8, 2014


The National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty (NCADP) is a large organization dedicated to the abolition of the death penalty in the United States. Founded in 1976 (the same year the death penalty was reinstated by the Supreme Court of the United States) by Henry Schwarzschild, the NCADP is the only fully staffed nationwide organization in the United States dedicated to the total abolition of the death penalty in the country. It also provides extensive information regarding imminent and past executions, death penalty defendants, numbers of people executed in the U.S., as well as a detailed breakdown of the current death row population, and a list of which U.S. state and federal jurisdictions use the death penalty.

The NCADP uses a number of non-violent methods to draw attention to, and advance, their campaign at local, state and national levels:

1) Promotion of anti-death penalty legislation and pressuring state legislators for abolition or moratorium bills through letter writing and campaigning.

2) Using local and state media to disseminate information about the death penalty.

3) Using their numerous links with like-minded organizations to speak and act against the death penalty.

4) Networking with these organizations on campaigns.

5) Hosting annual conferences to promote networking among members and like-minded organizations.

6) Incorporating social networking sites to foster networking and facilitate coordination of activity in local communities.

7) Focusing on the human rights violations which are widely thought to be inherent in the death penalty.

8) Selling anti-death penalty clothing, bumper stickers, and pins to promote campaign ideals.

            We, the comrades of Unit 1012: The VFFDP, DO NOT TRUST them at all and we know that they are nothing but liars who value the lives of murderers and evildoers, with the plan on putting innocent people’s lives at risk of getting murdered. These Anti-Death Penalty Activists are all the ACLU Demons.

            Here are some of the reasons they give in ending the death penalty, which we can rebut.

NCADP is dedicated to the abolition of the death penalty, below are some of the reasons the organization believes in this doctrine:

1) Executions are carried out at a high cost to tax payers

RESPOND: The reason why capital punishment is so expensive in the United States is because the ACLU Demons make sure it is. Once they have succeeded in ending the death penalty, they will make LWOP more expensive next.

U.S. states that repeal death penalty laws do not see a significant savings in trial costs. In states where the death penalty is the maximum punishment, a larger number of defendants are willing to plead guilty and receive a life sentence. The greater cost of trials where the prosecution does seek the death penalty is offset, at least in part, by the savings from avoiding trial altogether in cases where the defendant pleads guilty. Please find out more here.

2) Capital punishment does not deter crime

RESPOND: Unit 1012 and most people do not put deterrence as their first reason for supporting capital punishment; we support it for Justice and Protection. The death penalty does deter some crimes (24 studies prove it). The reason why there is little deterrent in the United States is because the ACLU Demons keep delaying the execution of the killers.

Since the restoration of the death penalty in 1976, further evidence confirms the deterrent effect of the death penalty. Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz, a strong opponent of the death penalty, has conceded as much. “Of course, the death penalty deters some crimes, that’s why you have to pay more for a hit man in a death penalty state than a non-death penalty state.” [Debate among Paul Cassell, Alan Dershowitz, and Wendy Kamenar on the death penalty (Harvard Law School, Mar. 22, 1995)]

3) States cannot prevent execution of innocent people

RESPOND: Yes, it can. Before a criminal is executed, there are strict guidelines and massive safeguards to follow in a capital case.

The innocence argument is a lie, they only use that argument to protect the guilty whom they love and value so much, they do NOT value the murdered victims and their families.

Alleged innocence is just a convenient propaganda tool irrelevant to the true objective. Abolitionists do not oppose the death penalty for fear of executing the innocent. They oppose executing the guilty, period. Hence, they fear seeking the truth, lest it limit endless duplicative litigation to drag out any case – regardless of savagery and number of murders committed, recidivism, and overwhelming weight of evidence. (The Modern Elite Ruling Class Notion of Justice: Cruel and Unusual Punishment of Victims May 19, 2011)

- Lester Jackson


Joseph Goebbels on the big lie [PHOTO SOURCE: http://izquotes.com/quote/383851]
4) Race plays a role in who lives and dies

5) Capital punishment is applied arbitrarily

RESPOND: For the 4), 5) & 7) argument, if it that was true, then end the racism and biasness, not end the punishment. If racism and biasness causes people to go to prison, we eliminate the problem, not free everyone from prison.

Please see this blog post, ‘STOP THE RACISM, KEEP THE PUNISHMENT!

6) The United States keeps company with the top human rights abusers as a country that employs executions

RESPOND: The United States does not abuse human rights when they employ execution, why not say they abuse human rights when they have prisons and state restitution?

7) Poor legal representation is a persistent problem

RESPOND: See the respond to 4) & 5).

8) Life without parole is an appropriate alternative to capital punishment

RESPOND: Once the death penalty is abolished, the ACLU Demons will target life without parole for elimination next. They had already succeeded in ending LWOP for Juveniles, as on June 25, 2012, the SCOTUS had declared LWOP unconstitutional for juveniles.

Thomas Sowell will explain more in his article, ‘McVeigh and the Death Penalty

9) Capital punishment goes against almost every major religion

RESPOND: We know that this statement is a lie, every religion does support the death penalty (even though there are debates about it). Here are some examples:

Those who want to know more about Christianity and Capital Punishment, please go to these links:



10) Millions of dollars could be diverted to helping the families of murder victims

RESPOND: As mention above in 1), ending the death penalty will not save money too, as we are NEVER surprise that the ACLU Demons will use money to end LWOP and fight against any punishment.

            We, the comrades of Unit 1012, are the ones who truly care for the victims and their families and who want to keep the public safe. The NCADP, DO NOT want (or too embarrass) to mention anything about recidivist murderers. Kenneth McDuff is a great example, you cannot find this serial killer’s name in any Anti-Death Penalty website you search for.

            The NCADP really suits what the late Charley Reese and Ted Nugent described about them:

“When I think of all the sweet, innocent people who suffer extreme pain and who die every day in this country, then the outpouring of sympathy for cold-blooded killers enrages me. Where is your (expletive deleted) sympathy for the good, the kind and the innocent? This fixation on murderers is a sickness, a putrefaction of the soul. It's the equivalent of someone spending all day mooning and cooing over a handful of human feces. Sick and abnormal.” (Syndicated columnist Charley Reese made an interesting analogy while criticizing the way abolitionists typically behave)

“Do-gooders are more dangerous than a sow grizzly with cubs or a coiled rattlesnake, as do-gooders champion and sanction legalized barbarism.”
- Ted Nugent

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