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Unit 1012 Cover Photo

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Prayer for Mass Murder Victims, Families and Communities

Prayer for Mass Murder Victims, Families and Communities

Remembering mass murder victims, families and communities in your prayer times is a good way to ask that God will help them through their grief and send his healing love.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Our hearts are broken today as we contemplate the numbing circumstances of another mass murder in the headlines.  We pray especially that your healing presence will be with all of those who have been directly affected.  We pray for the victims who have suffered physical and psychological wounds as a result of being attacked without warning while they went about a normal part of daily life.  Heal their bodies, minds, souls and spirits and give them good caregivers who will listen to them, cry with them and pray with them.  May the victims feel our love and your love.

We pray for the families whose loved ones have been killed.  Be with them during this time of shock, grief and mourning.  Bear them up as they lay to rest their loved ones and as they commend them into your heavenly care.  Walk with them through their times of anger, their sorrow that they didn’t get to say goodbye and during the sudden agony of all of their tomorrows when they will be terribly aware of the empty places in their homes and hearts.

We pray for the communities where this tragedy occurred.  Help your churches become refuges of comfort.  Empower your people to become the hands and feet of Christ to reach out with your restoring love.

We are at a loss for words on how to pray for the person who committed this unimaginable act.  Only You can understand the tormented state of mind that must have possessed them.  Please help them and others like them who suffer from delusions, mental illness and evil spirits.  Have mercy on their families and friends who are suffering greatly as a result of this violent act.

Finally, we pray for ourselves.  Help us to pray with your compassion for those who suffer violence.  Give us a renewed sense of what a gift it is to live each day in peace and freedom.  Help us not to allow ourselves to be diminished by fear but instead let us draw closer to you.  Make us instruments of your peace in our homes and communities.

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