Unit 1012 Cover Photo

Unit 1012 Cover Photo

Friday, February 10, 2017


            Unit 1012 awards the Rayner Goddard Act of Courage Award to Philippine House Speaker, Pantaleon Alvarez for rebuking those politicians for their opposition to the death penalty:

Pantaleon "Bebot" Diaz Alvarez (born January 10, 1958) is a Filipino politician and the current Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Philippines and represents the 1st District of Davao del Norte, the Philippines.
From 2001 to 2002, he was acting Secretary of Transportation and Communications.

No death penalty? No problem; just kill the criminals
By: DJ Yap - Reporter / @deejayapINQ
Philippine Daily Inquirer / 05:40 AM February 02, 2017

Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez said on Wednesday (1 February 2017) vigilante killings of alleged criminals was “fine” with him in the absence of death penalty in the mostly Catholic country.

His statement came a day after the House leadership failed to start plenary debates on the measure restoring the capital punishment for heinous crimes.

Alvarez said he was actually “fine” with vigilante killings of criminals who commit “evil deeds,” citing the case of an Australian pedophile who was caught abusing street children.

“If they (House members) don’t want to pass it, then just kill it… shoot to kill,” Alvarez said.

He said President Duterte told him during the Legislative-Executive Development Advisory Council in Malacañang on Monday that there was nothing he could do if Congress failed to pass the bill, one of the administration’s priority measures.

On Tuesday, lawmakers opposed to the death penalty stalled the commencement of debates using parliamentary tactics, such as questioning the quorum and delivering privilege speeches on unrelated topics.

Leaders of the 293-seat chamber had tabled the measure for plenary deliberations right at the start of the session, but the delays forced them to reschedule the debate for the next day.

Alvarez said such tactics were par for the course, though he added that such methods would not work forever.

As many as 50 lawmakers have expressed their intent to pose questions during the debate, which is expected to last for a month.

Cavite Chop-Chop Case Suspect Shot Dead in Jail Author - Marc Ace Palaganas

Suspect of rape and homicide from the recent chop-chop case in Cavite died in jail after receiving bullet shower from Police on January 12, 2016.

It was remembered that Alvin Delos Angeles, 20, admitted his responsibility to the death of his ex-girlfriend, Mitzi Joy Balunsay, a tourism scholar.


Police said that Delos Angeles endeavored to snatch the gun from one of the jail guard, tempting them to shower him with bullets.

Nearby residents from the said area added that they have heard more than 10 gunshots in the middle of the afternoon.

Bullet shots in the head, chest and abdomen caused Delos Angeles' death.

Source: Remate
Image: Pinoy Article

Philippines had begin their first 'execution' Suspect of rape and homicide from the recent chop-chop case in Cavite died in jail after receiving bullet shower from Police on January 12, 2016.

Alvarez to anti-death penalty bill solons: Stop dilatory tactics, let debates unfold


MANILA — Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez has appealed to anti-death penalty lawmakers to avoid resorting to “dilatory tactics” and allow extensive debates on the contentious measure to proceed in the House of Representatives.

In a media interview, Alvarez said those opposed to the measure should be reasonable and observe the proper legislative process.

“Let’s not further delay the process. Let’s all be reasonable, we debate extensively, but at the end of the day, we need to vote. That’s the essence of democracy, it is always the majority that prevails,” Alvarez said.

On Tuesday, anti-death penalty solons succeeded in stalling the schedule of plenary debates on the measure with long-winding privilege speeches and quorum queries.

Alvarez earlier said such moves are expected, but he warned that the House leadership would tighten its grip if opposition still employ similar tactics every time the bill is debated on the floor.

The Speaker also denied claims that the passage of the measure is being railroaded.

“We’re not rushing this. In fact, if we look at the record of Congress, this bill was filed long ago during the first day of sessions. The bill just recently passed the committee level and has now reached the plenary,” he said.

Likewise, he said the so-called 30-day “deadline” for the plenary deliberations on the measure is not hard and fast and could be extended depending on the progress of the debates.

Alvarez, principal author of the death-penalty bill, said he would respect “the will of the majority” in voting for the measure.

“Now, if they are able to get the majority when it comes to voting, then congratulations. But if they are not able to get the majority, let us respect the will of the majority,” he said.

The restoration of the death penalty bill is one of the campaign promises of President Rodrigo Duterte.

The House leader expressed confidence that this proposal reinstating capital punishment will be an effective deterrent to crime, particularly under the Duterte administration with its brand of political will. PNA-northboundasia.com

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Alvarez urges Cabinet members who disagree with Duterte to resign
INQUIRER.net / 04:09 PM February 01, 2017

Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez on Wednesday called on the members of the Cabinet to resign if they do not agree with President Rodrigo Duterte.

In a press conference at the House of Representatives, Alvarez said members of the Cabinet should not disagree with the President being the chief executive’s alter egos.

“If they don’t agree with the president, they might as well tender their resignation. As Cabinet Secretaries, you cannot contradict with the view of the president,” Alvarez said.

“Alter ego ka nga eh. Kung ayaw mo maniwala dun, edi magresign ka,” he added.

(You are an alter ego. If you don’t want to believe the President, then just resign.)

Told that constructive criticism constitutes a healthy democracy, Alvarez said he kept mum on issues when he disagreed with the chief executive as transportation secretary during the administration of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

“Naging Cabinet member ako eh, alam ko yan. There were instances I don’t agree with the President, but I kept quiet. Sarili ko na yun, kung hindi ko kayang lunukin yan, resign ako,” Alvarez said.

(I once was a Cabinet member, I know that. There were instances I don’t agree with the President, but I kept quiet. That’s my own opinion. If I can’t accept that, I should just resign.)

“If you can’t agree with the President and you’re a Cabinet member, I think it is incumbent upon you to tender your resignation,” he added

There are members of the Cabinet who publicly opposed Duterte’s policies.

Social Welfare Secretary Judy Taguiwalo has submitted a position paper to Congress opposing the proposal to lower the minimum age of criminal liability, another pet bill of the administration.

Vice President Ma. Leonor “Leni” Robredo has also opposed the President’s position on extrajudicial killings and the hero’s burial for the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos. The President has ordered Robredo to cease from attending Cabinet meetings due to their irreconcilable differences. Robredo has resigned since. RAM

Personal na nakiramay ang ating Pangulo sa pamilya ng sundalong namatay sa gitna ng bakbakan laban sa mga rebelde. Saludo talaga kami sa tulad mo aminh Pangulong Rody Duterte. 👍
Personal expressed their condolences to the family of president sundalong died in the middle of the battle against the rebels. We are salute you like aminh president rody duterte. 👍

‘Anti-death penalty lawmakers can leave coalition’
Posted on Thursday Feb 9th at 5:00am
By Delon Porcalla

Rodrigo Duterte on being a terror to evildoers

MANILA, Philippines - It’s final – the bill reviving the death penalty will be a party vote, Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez disclosed yesterday, stressing that administration lawmakers who are against the proposal are free to leave the super majority allied with President Duterte.  

“They are free to resign from the party; I will not force them,” the Davao del Norte congressman told reporters in a chance interview, after more administration lawmakers spoke up against the measure being pushed by the President.

Alvarez said Congress’ leadership might be forced to remove even former president and now Pampanga Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as one of the House deputy speakers if she votes against the death penalty restoration bill.

But Arroyo, a staunch ally of the President, earlier said she would abstain from voting on the bill, even if she is actually against it.

Rumors are rife in Congress that Arroyo is set to replace Alvarez as House speaker. Alvarez was Arroyo’s acting secretary for the Department of Transportation and Communications in 2001-2002.

Although not under the ruling PDP-Laban party, Arroyo and other administration-allied lawmakers are part of the so-called super majority coalition.

“I will just tell the members of PDP-Laban that the party stand will be observed on the restoration of the death penalty,” Alvarez maintained.

This policy covers the more than 100 PDP-Laban members, along with parties allied with it.

“I already asked also their cooperation since they belong to the majority,” Alvarez said, referring to the Nacionalista Party, Nationalist People’s Coalition, National Unity Party, Lakas-NUCD, Laban ng Demokratikong Pilipino and the highly divided Liberal Party.

The super majority accounts for nearly the entire 294-member House of Representatives.

Senate President Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III, who is also president of the country’s ruling political party PDP-Laban, said the party would soon come out with a formal stand on the matter, while agreeing with Alvarez that party members must toe the line.

Pimentel himself is for the restoration of capital punishment, which the Department of Justice (DOJ) now backs, saying a constitutional provision allowing death penalty supersedes the government’s international commitments.

At the Senate the other day, further hearings on death penalty revival were halted until the DOJ gives a clear legal advice that government will not be violating any international treaty if it decides to restore capital punishment.

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines has stood its ground against the move, this time urging the faithful to go to the streets on Feb. 18, Saturday – specifically at Rizal Park – to demonstrate rejection of government’s attempt to restore the death penalty in the country.

Flexible Koko

Pimentel said he understands where the Speaker was coming from when he required the super majority coalition members to toe the line on the issue of the death penalty.

“The Speaker is all out for death penalty and he’s the (PDP-Laban) secretary general,” he noted. “Some PDP-Laban members are Cabinet members and they’re alter egos of the President, who is also for death penalty, and he’s also the chairman of the party. So it looks like it can easily be made a party stand.”

But he pointed out the issue would still be subject to consultations with party members – a task he considers easy in this age of technology.

His father, former Senate president Aquilino Pimentel Jr., was a main proponent of the death penalty’s abolition. But the younger Pimentel said he is “personally flexible” when it comes to the issue, and that his initial resistance was not based on religion but as a matter of policy.

He said he now agrees in principle with the revival of the death penalty. – With Marvin Sy, Edu Punay

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The Punisher of Davao versus ISIS



Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte tells Obama to 'go to hell' [October 4, 2016]

Pantaleon Alvarez on Church opposition to death penalty: 'Why protect evil?'

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