Unit 1012 Cover Photo

Unit 1012 Cover Photo

Saturday, December 20, 2014


This is a message from Cat Burke, one of the comrades of the Unit 1012: VFFDP. She wrote on why she favors the death penalty in memorial of her daughter who was murdered. 

            Let us also not forget how Sask lived on this earth, please go to this blog post to learn more.

Saskia S. Burke (PHOTO SOURCE: http://estesleadley.com/?p=5727)

            Our message for you is this, Cat Burke and family:

We are with you.

You are not alone.

There are many good people who will always be with you.

You have many, many friends here in America and other countries that support the grieving victims’ families.

And this is a message for the Burke Family.

Do not be afraid.

Do not forget all the things that God has done for you.

We will not forget you, we will not forsake you.

We are the Comrades of Unit 1012.

The precious memories of Saskia Burke lives forever.

Saskia Burke

Victims' Families For The Death Penalty - 1st anniversary!

For all the reasons I DO have; for all the reasons you imagine I have. It all comes down to this ONE very real reason to give the Death Penalty...

Posted by Cat Burke , October 11, 2013 at 04:15 PM

Oh, this issue of the Death Penalty.  How it divides us.  Everyone has his or her opinion.  Some are faith based, others only give a swift glance at the issue to decide.  No matter what, any way you look at it – it always seems to be a most difficult issue.

Round and round the debates go.  Is it right, is it wrong?  Are we good, or bad, or vengeful – or just like the MURDERER himself to kill?  Round and round, opinions fly.

And yet, here I stand.  A VICTIM, of what is truly the most inconceivably HORRIFIC THING THAT CAN HAPPEN.  I am LIVING EVERYONE’S WORST NIGHTMARE! 

I am a WITNESS to MURDER!  And “inside” this event of Murder?  I am witness to WHAT THIS MURDERER TRULY IS!   I have seen with my own eyes, just what IS INSIDE this murderer, and I have witnessed him CHOOSE MURDER – and choose it pleasurably!

It is with these eyes now, that I look at every MURDERER…  I see the heinous, brutal monster each Murderer IS…  I ask myself, “HOW!”  How CAN each one of these Murderer’s, be capable of doing such inhuman barbaric things to another living creature?  How is it, they can DO such painful, horrifying acts of murder to another individual, and dare to call themselves human beings?

And it is with profound CONFUSION, that I look at a world and see so many people defend these Murderer’s, for ANY reason; or worse, display sympathy to these murderous monsters, ever.

I guess SEEING – IS BELIEVING!  Seeing, the total lack of empathy the Murderer has for LIFE itself, AS IT IS MURDERING...  Seeing the Murderer CHOOSE to KILL, again and again and again, instead of choosing to flee.  Seeing the pleasured expression on the Murderer’s face as IT is MURDERING.  Seeing what I thought was a human being, but WATCHING IT MURDER?  I now KNOW, that IT’S not…

For all those untouched by Murder, do not let yourselves be fooled by a false sense of security.  Don’t think for one moment, this issue DOESN’T CONCERN YOU.  For I am living PROOF, that MURDER can in fact happen to each and every one of us, at any moment.  The MURDERER doesn’t care WHO you are, HOW you live your life – and those home security systems?  Well, in those MINUTES it takes for police to respond, it takes only SECONDS for the Murderer to KILL…

Witnessing MURDER, has completely and forever changed me as a human being.   Physically bearing witness to this action of MURDER, leaves me knowing this one thing to be true.

I, Catherine Burke, REFUSE to allow each and every MURDERER – to have a NEXT VICTIM!  I refuse this RESPONSIBILITY for the MURDERER KILLING – AGAIN!  I have already lost this LIFE to our Murderer, WILLIAM GARY SIMPSON, and I refuse to allow this Murderer to destroy my ETERNITY to me as well!

NONE of us truly know, just what lies in front of us – after life…

But I REFUSE to go to death, carrying this responsibility for William Gary Simpson’s NEXT MURDER VICTIM!  I witnessed what’s inside him, and I will do whatever it takes to stand before those 12 Jurors, and expose HIS TRUE MURDEROUS NATURE TO THEM!  For when I DIE, I will be FREE of this burden…   The responsibility for his NEXT MURDER will lie upon their 12 souls.  If THEY choose to give him “Life in Prison”, he WILL KILL AGAIN.  And that Victim’s BLOOD, will be on THEIR hands.

THIS - is the difference between “Life in Prison” and the “Death Penalty” ladies and gentlemen.  The Death Penalty is given to so FEW MURDERER’S, but it IS GIVEN FOR THIS VERY PRECISE REASON…

The question you must reach deep inside yourself to answer is, HOW MUCH BLOOD ARE YOU WILLING TO HAVE ON YOUR HANDS AT THE EXPENSE OF THESE MURDERER’S NEXT VICTIM’S?

And if your answer is NONE, you must hold on to the Death Penalty. 



  1. I have written extensively on capital punishment. I would like to send my latest work directly to Catherine Burke. I would appreciate any help in reaching her. Please call/text at 347 946 2039; email ljackson95@gmail.com.

    Thank you.

  2. I have written extensively on capital punishment. I would like to send my latest work directly to Catherine Burke. I would appreciate any help in reaching her. Please call/text at 347 946 2039; email ljackson95@gmail.com.

    Thank you.