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Unit 1012 Cover Photo

Friday, November 28, 2014


On this date, 28 November 2008, Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan succumbed to his injuries during the 2008 Mumbai Attacks. Let us honor this fallen soldier and thank God that some justice was served, as the one of the terrorists who caused his death had been executed on 21 November 2012.

We, the comrades of Unit 1012 and our ally, All India Anti-Terrorist Front will honor him and remember him as a hero against terrorism. We will present this quote from the late Admiral Chester W. Nimitz to him and his loved ones:

They fought together as brothers in arms; they died together and now they sleep side by side...To them, we have a solemn obligation — the obligation to ensure that their sacrifice will help make this a better and safer world in which to live.
[Of those who died in the war in the Pacific, after ceremonies in Tokyo Bay accepting the official surrender of Japan (2 September 1945).]

We got the information about him from Wikipedia:


Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan

Native name
സന്ദീപ് ഉണ്ണിക്കൃഷ്ണന്
15 March 1977
Calicut, India
28 November 2008 (aged 31)
Mumbai, India
Years of service

Sandeep Unnikrishnan (15 March 1977 – 28 November 2008) was an officer in the Indian Army serving in the elite Special Action Group of the National Security Guards. He was killed in action during the November 2008 Mumbai attacks. He was consequently awarded the Ashoka Chakra, India's highest peace time gallantry award, on 26 January 2009.

Early and personal life

Sandeep Unnikrishnan came from a Nair family residing in Bangalore, where they had moved to from Cheruvannur, Kozhikode District, Kerala. He was the only son of retired ISRO officer K. Unnikrishnan and Dhanalakshmi Unnikrishnan.

Unnikrishnan spent 14 years at the Frank Anthony Public School in Bangalore before graduating in 1995 in the ISC Science stream. He wanted to join the Army, even attending school in a crew cut. His peers and teachers recalled him as being a good athlete who was active in school activities and sports events. He was also a member of the school choir and enjoyed watching movies.

Army career

Unnikrishnan joined the National Defence Academy (India) (NDA), Pune, Maharashtra in 1995. He was a part of the Oscar Squadron (No. 4 Battalion) and a graduate of the 94th Course of NDA. He graduated as a Bachelor of Arts. His NDA friends remember him as "selfless", "generous" and "calm and composed".

He was commissioned as a lieutenant to the 7th Battalion of the Bihar Regiment (Infantry) on 12 July 1999. After serving the Indian Army in different locations in Jammu and Kashmir and Rajasthan during counter insurgencies for two terms, he was selected to join the National Security Guards. On completion of training, he was assigned to the Special Action Group (SAG) of NSG on January 2007 and participated in various operations of the NSG. During the 'Ghatak course' (at the Commando Wing (Infantry School), Belgaum), the most difficult course of the Army, Unnikrishnan topped the course, earning an "Instructor Grading" and commendation. He opted for the NSG commando service which he joined on deputation in 2006.

During Operation Vijay in July 1999, he was regarded positively at the forward posts in the face of heavy artillery firing and small arms fire by Pakistan troops. On the evening of 31 December 1999, Unnikrishnan led a team of six soldiers and managed to establish a post 200 metres from the opposing side and under direct observation and fire.

The Heroes of 26/11
Operation Black Tornado

On the night of 26 November 2008, several iconic buildings in South Mumbai were attacked during 26/11. One of the buildings where hostage were held was the 100-year old Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. Unnikrishnan was the team commander of 51 SAG deployed in the operation at the hotel to rescue the hostages. He entered the hotel in a group of 10 commandos and reached the sixth floor through the staircase. As the team descended the stairs, they suspected perpetrators on the third floor. A few women were held as hostages in a room which was locked from the inside. After breaking open the door, the round of fire by the perpetrators hit Commando Sunil Yadav, who was Unnikrishnan's colleague.
Unnikrishan engaged the perpetrators in a firefight. He arranged for Yadav's evacuation and gave chase to those he had engaged in the firefight who, meanwhile, escaped to another floor of the hotel. In the encounter that followed, he was shot from the back before later succumbing to his injuries.

His last words were, "Do not come up, I will handle them," according to NSG officials.

Ashoka Chakra citation

The official citation for the Ashoka Chakra Award reads:


Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan led the commando operation launched on 27th November 2008 to flush out terrorists from Hotel Taj Mahal, Mumbai in which he rescued 14 hostages.

During the operation, his team came under intense hostile fire, in which one of his team members got grievously injured. Major Sandeep pinned down the terrorists with accurate fire and rescued the injured commando to safety. In the process, he was shot in his right arm. Despite his injuries, he continued to fight the terrorists till his last breath.

Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan displayed most conspicuous bravery besides camaraderie and leadership of the highest order and made the supreme sacrifice for the nation.


At Unnikrishnan's funeral, mourners chanted "Sandeep Unnikrishnan Amar Rahee" (Long live Sandeep Unnikrishnan). Thousands of people lined up outside his Bangalore house to pay their respects. His funeral was held with full military honours.

Nobody represented the Kerala government (from where his ethnic roots were from) at Unnikrishnan's funeral. Local and national media criticised the decision of the politicians. However, Chief Minister of Kerala V. S. Achuthanandan and Home Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan called on the Unnikrishnan's family on 30 November 2008. Sandeep's father K. Unnikrishnan criticised the visit and asked them to leave. He even threatened to commit suicide if any politician from Kerala entered his home. When V.S. Achuthanandan visited his home, Unnikrishnan told Achuthanandan and his delegation that "no dog would enter my house". Later, Achuthanandan controversially said that had it not been for Unnikrishnan not even a dog would have visited his parents' house. Following criticism, Achuthanandan stated that he would not apologise to the family, but that he respects them.

On 2 December 2008, Communist Party of India (Marxist) General Secretary Prakash Karat expressed his apology for Achuthanandan's 'dog remark'. On 3 December 2008, Achuthanandan expressed his regrets over the incident.

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