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Unit 1012 Cover Photo

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


         On this date, 1 October 2012, 5-year-old Welsh girl, April Jones, disappeared after being sighted willingly getting into a vehicle near her home. We, the comrades of Unit 1012: The VFFDP, will make her one of The 82 murdered children of Unit 1012, where we will not forget her.

We will post information about her from Wikipedia and other links.

April Jones

1 October 2012
Machynlleth, Powys, Wales
Body missing
  • Child abduction
  • Murder
  • Attempting to pervert the course of justice
  • Unlawful concealment and disposal of a body
Guilty on the counts of:
Child abduction
Perverting the course of justice
Life imprisonment (Whole life tariff)

April Jones, (4 April 2007 – c. 1 October 2012) from Machynlleth, Powys, Wales, aged five, disappeared on 1 October 2012, after being sighted willingly getting into a vehicle near her home. Her disappearance generated a large amount of national and international press coverage. A 46-year-old local man, Mark Bridger, was subsequently arrested and charged with Jones's abduction and murder.

On 30 May 2013, Bridger was found guilty of April's abduction and murder, in addition to perverting the course of justice. He was sentenced to life imprisonment, with the trial judge ordering that he never be released from prison.

Mother of murdered April Jones wants death penalty for her killer

THE HEARTBROKEN mother of murdered schoolgirl April Jones has demanded the return of the death penalty.

Published: Sun, February 23, 2014

Coral Jones said killer Mark Bridger should be subjected to lethal injection, adding: "I'd be there to push the button and make sure he saw me".

Mrs Jones, 42, spoke out as UK judges ruled that life sentences can now mean a full life term for Britain's worst criminals. 

She spoke of her relief that Bridger will never be freed but lamented that his human rights laws meant he has an easy time in jail. 

"I'm glad the judge did this ruling and I'm glad that everybody else who does bad things will be sentenced the same because life means life. You take somebody's life you deserve life" Mrs Jones said. 

"Hanging is too good for him, but with him sitting in a cell it's just an easy life for him. It's too easy.

"They should bring death row back to the UK and instead of having it for years and years, have it for five years and before the five years is up he should be on that to have a lethal injection. 

"I'd be there to push the button and make sure he saw me."

Slaughterman Bridger, 48, abducted April, who had cerebral palsy, as she played near her home in Machynlleth, Mid Wales in October 2012.

The five-year-old's disappearance led to the biggest search and rescue operation seen in Wales involving police and hundreds of volunteers.

Her body has never been found but traces of her were discovered at Bridger's remote cottage. 

He denied murdering little April but was convicted by a jury at Mold Crown Court. 

Mrs Jones added: "My little April was only five. She was small and she had health issues and he did it to her.

"Life should be life. I don't think they should have an easy life in prison, where they have three meals a day. Perhaps, years ago, they had to earn stuff. Today they have human rights.

"Our rights went when he killed our daughter and we still suffer now and it's over a year."

Bridger was attacked at Wakefield Prison last year by convicted murderer and rapist Juvinal Ferreira, 24, who said he did it to force him to reveal where April's body was. 

He was slashed down the face with a knife fashioned out of a razor and required more than 30 stitches. 

Last December, Bridger indicated that he was going to appeal but changed his mind in January.

Mrs Jones said: "I'm glad he pulled out.

"I would have been there every day to make sure he knew we wanted him to stay in prison because he should not be allowed out of prison again.

"He's ruined my life, my husband's, my kids' and everybody else's. Our town is not the same. My family all over the world have all been hurt by it."

She added: "With the sentence he's got he can never come out, which has helped us because until the judgement was done and the appeal you'd never know.

"But to know that he can never come out of jail alive will help us. It will never take the pain away, but we know he's within those four walls and if he comes out he'll be in a box.

"I just hope he suffers hell in prison - I really do because we're still suffering on the outside." 

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