Unit 1012 Cover Photo

Unit 1012 Cover Photo

Sunday, August 12, 2012


CASE: Newlove’s 47-year-old husband Garry Newlove was murdered on 12 August 2007 in Warrington, Cheshire, after confronting a gang of drunken youths who were vandalising her car. They kicked him repeatedly in the head and are now serving time for murder.

Since Garry’s death, his widow has campaigned against the UK’s binge-drink culture and calling for better training for landlords and bar staff. Mrs Newlove set up Newlove Warrington on the 8 November 2008, which aims to make the town a safer and better place for people to live and to improve facilities and opportunities for the children through education and life skills for the better of communities. The three goals for the campaign were to inspire people to lead a more purposeful life; motivating people to enrich their lives; providing opportunities for positive interaction with communities. She has since joined forces with the local and national media, in particular The Sun newspaper, to campaign for a clampdown on gangs like the one who claimed her husband's life, with heavier prison sentences and a return of the death penalty for murder.

Newlove has extended her campaign nationally by joining forces with the local and national media, in particular The Sun newspaper, to campaign for a clampdown on gangs like the one who claimed her husband's life.

QUOTE 1: “For many, the death penalty is murder by another name – a chilling relic from an uncivilised past. Yes, the thought of bringing it back may be unpalatable. But the horrifying events of the past week have strengthened my conviction that the hangman is the answer.”

QUOTE 2: “It’s not about revenge. It’s about a just society imposing a fitting punishment for those who have committed a uniquely horrifying crime.”

QUOTE 3: The grief-stricken widow of Garry Newlove last night said the teenagers who killed her husband should be executed and that she would be the one to do it. Helen who believes in capital punishment, said she "wouldn't hesitate" if given the chance to deliver a lethal injection or press the button on a electric chair.

"They handed my family a life sentence the day they attacked Garry.”

"Make no mistake, if the liberals running our justice system ever let these three out, they will kill again. They are ticking time bombs.”

"They beat a dad to death without giving it so much as a second thought and all they can do now is sit back and snigger about it.”

"I watched them as they walked into court and I didn't see a flicker of emotion or remorse from them."

She added: "If I could push the button on an electric chair, if I could deliver a lethal injection, I wouldn't hesitate."

QUOTE 4: I'd like to execute the thugs who kicked my husband to death.

QUOTE 5: “I would be the one who puts the noose around the neck or presses the button for the lethal injection. And hangings should be public. People have stopped me and said they’re 100 per cent behind it. This country is a terrifying place. No one is safe. I’m not ranting and raving. Come and sit here with us three and have the pain we’ve got.”

AUTHOR: Helen Margaret Newlove, Baroness Newlove (born 28 December 1961) is a Warrington-based community reform campaigner. Helen Newlove came to prominence after her husband, Garry Newlove was murdered by three youths in 2007. After his death she set up a number of foundations that aimed to tackle the UK drinking culture as well as providing support to young people. Newlove was given a peerage in the 2010 Dissolution Honours list and sits in the House of Lords as a Conservative.

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