Unit 1012 Cover Photo

Unit 1012 Cover Photo

Friday, June 21, 2019


          Every year on June 21, we, the comrades of Unit 1012, will remember Shannon McNamara on her birthday. We remember how you live and not how you die. 

            We will endorse a National Organization, Girls Fight Back that was inspired by Shannon’s life and also her website, in order to remember how she lived and not died.

Shannon McNamara

June 21, 1979 – Forever

Every person is entitled to a Legacy. How will you be remembered? Shannon McNamara’s legacy is rich with diverse fulfillment. Shannon played the role of daughter, friend, sister, accomplished athlete, scholar, and ultimately hero in her lifetime. She is not easily forgotten and will always be remembered. This website, dedicated to her memory is a sanctuary for all that knew her, loved her, and has been impacted by her. A place where anyone can go to re-connect with their memories or learn about the life she lead, who she was, and how this loss has touched the lives of others. Initially, it was created in 2001 and as each day passes and her legacy grows so to will this website. I hope that the efforts of many will allow others to enjoy this remarkable person. I urge anyone who visits this site to make a contribution in some sort of way. Anything that comes from the heart will do. Each addition will continue to build on and act as a testament to the eternal legacy of Shannon McNamara.

Thank You,

The Fight Back for ShanMac Team

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